The Witbooi

A new angle of perspective on the history of The Witbooi after Namibia had become independent.
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Title: The Witbooi
Author: Ludwig Helbig; Werner Hillebrecht
Series: Growing to Nationhood
Publisher: Longman Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 1992
ISBN 9991610006 / ISBN 99916-1-000-6
Original softcover, 15x21 cm, 62 pages, several bw-photos




New perspective View on Namibian history, not to oversee influence of governmental ideology. The first book in the Growing to Nationhood series looks at the history of the Orlam communities who escaped from the Cape Colony around 1800, to settle eventually in Southern Namibia. It focuses on one of these communities, The Witbooi, whose leader Captain Hendrik Witbooi (1830-1905) played a key role in Namibia's history. He was one of the first who tried to unite the different peoples of Namibia against the German colonisers. The book follows his life, his prolonged and heroic struggle against the Germans and his final defeat and death in 1905, near Fahlgras on.

Content: The Witbooi

The Khoikhoi in Namibia and South Africa
The Orlam communities gather on the Orange River
The Orlam communities move into Namibia
The Witbooi settle in Gibeon
Missionary Olpp and Hendrik Witbooi
Hendrik Witbooi resumes Kido Witbooi's political plans
The Germans come to Namibia
'King of Great Namaqualand'
The Hoornkrans state
The Germans attack Hoornkrans (1893)
Guerrilla war against the Germans
The Witbooi submit to superior German force
The decade 1894 to 1904
'Let us die fighting'
Glossary of names
Glossary of terms