The White Rhino Saga

The White Rhino Saga is a tale of adventure, of Africa, of animals, and of the man who set out to save them.
Player, Ian
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Title: The White Rhino Saga
Author: Ian Player
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781868425969 / ISBN 978-1-86842-596-9
Softcover, 15x23 cm, 262 pages, several b/w photos


The White Rhino Saga, back in print after more than 30 years, is more relevant than ever as our rhino population faces a deadly poaching onslaught. With a new introduction by Julian Rademeyer and a ‘missing chapter’ never before published, a new generation of readers can enjoy and learn from the extraordinary story of how the white rhino was saved from extinction four decades ago. From Ian Player’s first visit to the Umfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa’s Zululand in 1952, the salvation of the white rhino from extinction became an obsession with him. The white rhino, the second largest animal in the world, had roamed over the southern half of the African continent in large numbers during the nineteenth century and before.

By the 1960s fewer than five hundred remained, confined to 72 000 acres, not nearly enough territory for them to remain healthy and alive. The problem confronting Ian Player and his coworkers was twofold: how to repopulate the game reserves of Africa where white rhinos had once lived, and how to supply white rhinos to the zoos of the world. The techniques for capturing and transporting the huge animals are fascinating. The White Rhino Saga, Alan Paton writes in his foreword, ‘is a book for every lover of the wild. The danger of captures, the disappointments, the ultimate successes, makes a splendid tale.’ It is a tale of adventure, of Africa, of animals, and of the man who set out to save them.

Content: The White Rhino Saga

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Forty Years On. The Rhino's Plight by Julian Rademeyer
Foreword to the First Edition by Alan Paton
Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
White Rhino Territory
Hunting the Rhino
The Umfolozi Reserve
Magqubu Ntombela and the Wilderness Trails
Toni Harthoorn and Rhino Capture
Early Experience
A Long Day
The Charge of Two Rhinos
The Northern White Rhino in Uganda
A New Phase
Crating a Rhino
Travelling to Mkuze
Another Taste of Wilderness
Repopulating the Kruger Park
White Rhino Mating
Black Rhino: A Death
Troubles in the Bomas
Preparing for Export
America and Rhodesia
The Fruits of Experience
Epilogue to the First Edition
Sponsor's Note

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