The Waterberg. The Natural Splendours and the People

This wonderful illustraded book unlocks the secrets to the soul of the Waterberg in South Africa.
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Book title: The Waterberg
Subtitle: The Natural Splendours and the People
Authors: Gerald Hinde; David Holt-Biddle; William Taylor
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2003
ISBN-10: 1868728226
ISBN-13: 9781868728220
Softcover, dustjacket, 29x24 cm, 176 pages, throughout colour photos


This beautiful and evocative book introduces an unspoilt and little-known part of the country: the Waterberg, which has recently been declared a biosphere reserve by the United Nations. For many years overlooked by developers and tourists alike, this quiet region possesses a haunting natural splendour. It is home to large populations of game and encompasses some important historic and prehistoric sites.

The book is richly illustrated with photographs by renowned wildlife photographer Gerald Hinde. The authors trace the history of the Waterberg, from its geological formation to the first human settlements. They focus on the people whose presence and activities have impacted on its development, such as Eugene Marais and Clive Walker.

They describe the natural splendour of the fauna and flora; and, most significantly, they detail modern-day developments, specifically the move from farming to conservation, a trend that might preserve the natural features and inhabitants from more invasive practices. An appendix provides tourist information for the region, on what to do and where to stay.