The People of Namibia's Eastern Zambezi Region (Eastern Caprivi)

This series introduces to history, tribes and culture of the people of Namibia's Eastern Zambezi Region, the former Eastern Caprivi.
Otto, Antje; Goldbeck, Mannfred; Pander, Heike
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Title: The people of Namibia's Eastern Zambezi Region
Subtitle: A historical perspective
Authors: Antje Otto; Mannfred Goldbeck; Heike Pander
Series: Gondwana Heritage
Publisher: Gondwana Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 2014
ISBN 9789991689678 / ISBN 978-99916-896-7-8
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 206 pages, numerous colour photos, maps, diagrams


This issue is the first of the series Gondwana Heritage that aimes to introducing lesser known and selddom frequented regions of Namibia as for their tribes, culture, craft, art and history. The present publication is the result of research conducted on aspects of the material culture of the people of the eastern Zambezi Region during the 1980s, while Antje Otto was employed as curator for the ethnological study collection of the State Museum. At the time a large number of traditionally used objects, of which some are no longer produced today, were purchased for the museum. The lack of published information led to further research, in which the utilization of plants by the local population became a major focus. Following the development of an exhibition on the people of the Zambezi Region at the National Museum, some additional collecting and research trips were undertaken to the area since 2012. The eastern Zambezi Region, formerly known as the Eastern Caprivi, is in many ways unique to Namibia because traditional crafts are still practiced on a wide scale and many people possess a profound knowledge of the indigenous plants utilized during the manufacturing processes, in addition, a large number of plants form an important part of people's diet or serve medicinal and hygienic purposes.

Content: The People of Namibia's Eastern Zambezi Region (Eastern Caprivi)

Photo credits
Namibia's eastern Zambezi Region
Historical background
The eastern Zambezi Region under BaLuyi, MaKololo & BaLozi rule
The people of the eastern Zambezi Region
The BaSubiya
The BaYeyi
The MaFwe
The MaFwe-MaMbalangwe
The HaMbukushu
The MaTotela
The Khwe
The eastern Zambezi Region under European Administration
Recent history
Tribal authorities & social structure
Crop cultivation
Stock farming
Wood carving
Metal work
Clothing & ornaments
Musical instruments
Traditional healers and their role in society
The Baobab - Icons of the savannah by Heike Pander
List of plants