The History of the Port and Settlement of Walvis Bay 1878-1978

There is no complete record of the history of Walvis Bay. This book tells the history of it's port and the settlement 1878-1978.
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Title: The History of the Port and Settlement of Walvis Bay 1878-1978
Authors: G. J. Fox; J. J. J. Wilken
Publisher: Perskor Publishers
1st. edition, 1st print, Johannesburg, South Africa 1978
ISBN 0628013191 / ISBN 0-628-01319-1
Orignial illustrated hardcover, original dustjacket, 22x28 cm, 197 pages, many bw-photographs and illustrations


Fair. Dustjacket a bit worn in corners. Inside clean.
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Walvis Bay, closed in on one side by the waters of the Atlantic and on the other by the sand of the Namib desert, has a colourful and long history. In 1878 Walvis Bay was officially established as a harbour and trading post. Since then, except for the tumultuous interlude of World War I, it has known steady progress and prosperity - and peace. This highly readable and comprehensive book is the result of seven years of research and compilation by the authors. It is published in commemoration of the centenary of Walvis Bay.


The historical background
How Walvis Bay received its name
The development of Walvis Bay

The first scientific explorer
The first European settlement
The development of Walvis Bay as a harbour
The development of local government
Health Committee
The Village Management Board
The establishment of the Municipality
The coat of arms
Application for land
Water supply
Sport and recreation
Slaughtering facilities
The development of the fishing industry
The fishing industry
The whaling industry
The radio stations
Postal facilities
The Railways
The role of the missionaries
Mission work
Hospital and medical services
Pelican Point
Walvis Bay's islands

The Bird Island
The Mud Island
The great floods of the past
Walvis Bay and the Namib Desert
Sandwich harbour
The future
Further highlights in the history of Walvis Bay
Reminiscences of the Old Walvis Bay

A few reminiscences of my life - Mrs Latham
Autobiography - W.J. B. Chapman
Reminiscences of Walvish Bay
Missionary J. A. Schaible