The Hendrik Witbooi Papers

The Hendrik Witbooi Papers is the first authentic translation of Namibia's greatest leader at the time of colonial impact.
Witbooi, Hendrik; Heywood, Annemarie; Lau, Brigitte
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Book title: The Hendrik Witbooi Papers
Author: Hendrik Witbooi
Annatation: Brigitte Lau
Translation: Annemarie Heywood and Eben Maasdorp
Publisher: National Archives of Namibia
Second, revised edition, Windhoek, Namibia 1995
ISBN 9991644067 / ISBN 99916-44-06-7
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 288 pages, some bw-photos, 1 map


Hendrik Witbooi was one of the most powerful African leaders at the time when European imperialism began to carve up Africa into colonies. The fact that, moreover, he himself committed these thoughts and convictions to paper in the form of a Journal containing diary entries, minutes of meetings and copies of correspondence with other Namibian rulers and imperial German officers, makes his record quite unique for the whole of Africa. A Nama leader, he wrote in the (colonial) Cape Dutch language which by the end of the 19th century was the lingua franca of political/diplomatic and economic affairs in southern and central Namibia. His papers are here presented in an English translation, to make them accessible to a wide readership. Three types of record left by Hendrik Witbooi have been included in this edition. The most important are his Journals. The first is a large ledger bound in red leather. On 183 pages, it contains copies of his letters, accounts of campaigns, and minutes of meetings with German colonial officials. This Journal was kept by Hendrik Witbooi between 1884 and 1893. [...]

Content: The Hendrik Witbooi Papers

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The Hendrik Witbooi Papers
Missionaries' Reports
Cape Officials' Correspondence
The Attack on Hoornkrans
The Battle in the Naukluft
Protection Treaty
Von Trotha's Proclamation
Skirmish at Vaalgras
Two Tributes to Hendrik Witbooi
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