The Battle of Vaalkrans: 5–7 February 1900

The Battle of Vaalkrans on 5 th to 7th February 1900 is part of The Battles of the Anglo-Boer War Series.
Watt, Steve
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Title: The Battle Of Vaalkrans
Author: Steve Watt
Series: The Anglo-Boer War Battle Series
Publisher: 30° South Publishers (Pty) Ltd.
2nd edition. Johannesburg, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781928211433 / ISBN 978-1-928211-43-3
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 48 pages, 25 b/w photos and maps

About: The Battle of Vaalkrans

With the Ladysmith garrison weakening daily as a result of bombardment, inadequate food supplies and disease, the Britisch General Redvers Buller resolved once more to make an attempt to reach the beleaguered town. Viewing the heights across the Thukela from Swartkop, he identified an area which offered some likelihood of success, namely Vaalkrans Hill. Here the barrier of hills was at its narrowest, with open country lying beyond. Viewed from the right bank, where Buller was, the summit of Vaalkrans appeared practicable for occupation with artillery, which from that position would command the plain and the wagon routes to Ladysmith. The Battle of Vaalkrans beginning on the 5th of February 1900 was a minor battle of the Second Anglo Boer War in which the British after unsuccesful trying to force a bridgehead across the Tugela River, ended withdrawing on the 7th Febuary 1900. Casualties on either side were thirty men. This is the 6th volume of the 2nd edition of The Anglo-Boer War Battle Series published by 30 Degrees South Publishers (Pty) Ltd.

Content: The Battle of Vaalkrans

The plan to capture Vaalkrans
Preliminary moves and feint
Capture of Vaalkrans
Boer counter-moves
The battle continues
The British retire
Conclusion and casualties
Forces engaged
The terrain today
The battle: account by a private
Additional reading