The arms deal in your pocket

The arms deal in your pocket tells the a highly compicated story the simplest way possible.arms deal, South Africa
Holden, Paul
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Book title: The arms deal in your pocket
Author: Paul Holden
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2008
ISBN 978-1-86842-313-2
Softcover, 13x20 cm, 200 pages


Since Patricia De Lille broke the news that the arms deal was corrupt, it has haunted South African politics like a particularly persistent ghost. Politicians and businessman have been arrested and jailed. The head prosecutor in South Africa has been accused of being a spy. Conspiracy theories, accusations and counter-accusations have muddied the political waters, while Jacob Zuma, the country’s fired Deputy-President and potential future President, stands accused of racketeering. The arms deal is indeed, as Mark Gevisser has written, the 'poisoned well' of South African politics.

But following the arms deal is, for most, a headache. The plethora of newspaper articles, court cases and allegations surrounding the deal have left many scratching their heads. If and when Jacob Zuma finally takes his stand in court in late 2008, it will be in front of a confused public dazzled by more spin than a Shane Warne jaffer. This title aims to clear the confusion. Starting at the beginning and working its way to the present, The arms deal in your pocket tells the story in the simplest way possible. From what was bought, why it was bought, and what it cost, to what charges Jacob Zuma now faces and what we still don’t know: all of these are explained in a title that can be read within a day.