Bush of Ghosts. Life and war in Namibia 1986-90

The remarkable photographs in Bush of Ghosts taken from 1986-90, show the Border War between the South African Defence Force and SWAPO.
Hayes, Patricia; Liebenberg, John
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Author: Patricia Hayes
Photographer: John Liebenberg
Publisher: Umuzi
Cape Town, 2010
ISBN: 9781415201008
Softcover, 28x21 cm, 272 pages, throughout bw-photographs

"Bush of Ghosts" ist eine hochinteressante und kommentierte Reise in die Zeit des Grenzkrieges von 1986-1990 in Nordnamibia und Angola, deren Richtung von zahlreichen, ausgesprochen beeindruckenden Fotografien aus Kampf, Kampfpausen, Vorfriedenszeit und Unabhängigkeit vorgegeben wird.


The remarkable photographs in this book, taken from 1986 to 1990, show the ‘Border War' where the chief antagonists were the South African Defence Force and SWAPO, the South West Africa People's Organisation.

John Liebenberg's camera entered many places where cameras were not allowed, and his photographs show much of what has remained hidden ever since.

They show battles fought and life lived on both sides, regardless of the conflict.

Then they take us into the tumultuous transition period when international forces entered the theatre of conflict, and finally to the aftermath in Namibia, when a fledgling nation was testing its wings and living with its ghosts.

The photographic narrative is strongly augmented by the contextualising essay by historian Patricia Hayes, by transcripts of conversations between herself and Liebenberg as they worked through his archive, and by Liebenberg's own extended comments about most of the images.

The book is a space of recall for those who were there, and a reminder for those who were not.

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