Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1

Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1 introduces to the postal history of Namibia.
Kanzler, Sven-Eric; le Roux, Iris; Stoldt, Inke; Otto, Antje; Brown, Chris; Swilling, Ron; Schleicher, Alfred; Goldbeck, Mannfred
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Title: Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1
Authors: Sven-Erik Kanzler; Iris le Roux; Inke Stoldt; Antje Otto; Chris Brown; Ron Swilling; Alfred Schleicher
Publisher: Gondwana Collection Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 2012
ISBN 9789991688800 / ISBN 978-99916-888-0-0
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 192 pages, throughout colour images, 1 map

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About: Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1

If Namibian postage stamps could talk they would have lots of stories to tell. In Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1 they actually do! Read about the dangerous life of postal runners almost 200 years ago, about exploding mushrooms or the medicinal properties of Devil's Claw, about the gladiator insect which was discovered only recently, a reluctant steam ox, the Mbalantu woman's braid that touched the gound or about Brukkaros Mountain, the false volcano. Stamps & Stories contains 50 entertaining and illustrated stories related to pictures on Namibian postage stamps. Covering the country's natural environment, culture and history in a colourful mix, this book is a Namibian portrait resembling a mosaic which here and there may even surprise those who know the country inside out.

Content: Stamps & Stories: 50 Stories of Namibia's Postage Stamps Vol 1

Postal runners - the heroes of early communication
Postal runner - a postage stamp for a gravestone
Wild horses - embodying the spirit of Namibia
Otjikaeva headdress - artful symbol of cattle horns
Black-backed jackal - the trickster
Black-backed jackal - Jack of all trades
Fossilised dunes - the ostrich family tree embedded in sandstone
Martin Luther - heavy duty vehicle with staying power
Omajova - a wild delicacy
Traditional basketry - the /oama baskets of the Khwe
Leopard - prince of stealth
Leopard - how Leopard got his spots
Independence - more than 300 years of resistance
Omhatela headdress - symbol for married OvaKwanyama women
Twyfelfontein - engraved in rock
Nama padloper - uniquely Namibian
Quiver tree - symbol of the south
Quiver tree - victim of climate change?
Jetty - oyster bar instead of harbour cranes
Headdress of HaMbukushu women - adorned with cowrie shells
Caprivi Strip - result of a diplomatic peculiarity
Caprivi Strip - under changing administration
Black Eagle - a magnificent inhabitant of the hills
Art of basketry - fruit baskets of the AaWambo
Fish River Canyon - traces of a death struggle
Zebra - pyjamas and other theories
Zebra - distinguishing the two Zs
Ngandjera - the oshikoma and iipando headdress
Hoodia - hardy plant of the desert
Vingerklip - a sculpture at the Ugab river
Okambulumbumbwa - the AaWambo musical bow
Dorslandtrek - the Republic of Upingtonia
Dorslandtrek - commandant Lombard and his group
OvaHimba - the women's ekori headdress
Gladiator - predatory insect creates a new order
Baobab - the king of trees
Art of basketry - the lualo winnowing baskets of the VaNyemba
Mugorob - who shook the "Finger of God"?
Mugorob - the writing on the wall for Apartheid?
African Penguin - our endangered friend
Rehoboth Baster - the women's "kappie"
Hoba meteorite - fragment of a dwarf planet
Dune Lark - Namibia's only truly endemic bird
Lighthouse - a monument to harbour dreams
Mbalantu - the eembuvi plaits of the women
Devil's Claw - Kalahari's treasure
Brukkaros - a crater caused by an explosion
Leopard tortoise - master of survival
Olukonda - the Finnish mission station
Nakambale - the "Apostle of Ovamboland"
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