South West Africa. The last pioneer country

In his book, South West Africa - The last pioneer country, Molnar is not afraid to tackle many matters that are neither strictly political nor straight travelogue.
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Title: South West Africa
Subtitle: The last pioneer country
Author: Thomas Molnar
Publisher: Fleet Publishing Corp
New York, United States of America, 1966
Original hardcover and dustjacket, 14x21 cm, 160 pages, several b/w photos


Fair. Dustcover with traces of use, inside clean.


The territory of South West Africa, long almost ignored except by South Africa, which administers it under a mandate granted by the League of Nations after World War I, is now an object of major dissension among African nations, and the subject of front page newspaper stories and magazine articles in the Western press.

Thomas Molnar, author of the highly praised book, Africa: A Political Travelogue, has recently toured an inspected South West Africa, and in this new book, gives his frank, first-hand impressions of it. He surveys its history and background of tribal wars, German occupation, and administration under British, and now Republic of South African rule.

He examines the evidence presented by both sides in the case brought against the Republic of South Africa by Liberia and Ethiopia in the World Court, and contrasts the allegations of petitioners before the United Nations with what he saw during his travels. The result is a fascinating blend of political analysis, travelogue, and history which will interest all who seek primary information about the vital continent of Africa.