Some of My Best Friends are White: Subversive Thoughts from an Urban Zulu Warrior

Satirical view on South Africa: Some of My Best Friends are White: Subversive Thoughts from an Urban Zulu Warrior.
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Title: Some of My Best Friends are White
Subtitle: Subversive Thoughts from an Urban Zulu Warrior
Author: Ndumiso Ngcobo
Publisher: Struik
Imprint: Two Dogs
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781920137182 / ISBN 978-1-92013-718-2
Original softcover, 5x21 cm, 192 pages


Fair. On cover some traces of useage.


Throwing off any semblance of political correctness and happy to call a spade a spade, Some Of My Best Friends Are White takes an enlightened look at this Rainbow Nation of ours. Venturing without skaam across the colour barrier, through turbulent townships, strange suburbs and even stranger corporate hallways - it takes a closer look at the weird mix of cultures and people that make up the crazy place we call home. Subversive thoughts from an urban Zulu warrior circle around topics like Why are minibus-taxi drivers so rude to their passengers? Why are whiteys so obsessed with playing games? Why can you never get decent service from a black chick? What's up with Zulu men and violence?

And Indians and their pimped-out cars? Ndumiso Ngcobo lays it on the table, and allows you to enjoy it as he gives you stereotype after stereotype - and you find yourself, agreeing that, yes, these Indians are all robbing us blind! And just when you begin to feel comfortable blaming Indians for their financial success, the machine gun hits you in the face: you blame Indians for their success, but what are you doing about black people's laziness? Bam-bam! Just like that! This is some serious shit that reeks of originality. It won't win a Nobel prize, but it will keep you highly entertained. Bhibi!