Report on some Fossil Human Remains from Otjiseva

The fossil human remains from Otjiseva were found during street repairs in 1964.
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Book title: Report on some Fossil Human Remains from Otjiseva
Author: Wolfgang Sydow
Scientific Research in South West Africa 9tm Series
S.W.A. Scientific Society
Windhoek, 1970
Softcover, dustjacket 17x24 cm, 48 cm, 14 figures, 7 bw-photos, 1 map


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From the foreword

The discovery of fossilized bones in South West Africa is a special occurrence and a not very frequent event, especially when human remains are in question. It is therefore quite understandable that the remains of Otjiseva man were at first taken as potsherds by its finder. The "sherds" which had a fairly even thickness of up to 10 mm were covered with a thick yellow-grey crust but showed an almost white fracture revealing bone tissue.

The preliminary reconstruction of the more than twenty odd fragments resulted in a well rounded, fairly large cranium. Here and there pieces were missing but the overall size and shape were already clearly recognisable. Although I am not a trained specialist in this field the skull seemed to me to belong to a very robust and big-headed individual, and looked not too modern. The next day I drove out together with my son to Mr. H. J. Wiss, Farm Otjiseva, some 26 miles northwest of Windhoek on the edge of the Khomashochland, a partially deeply eroded plateau of mica schist. (...)