Posters in Action. Visuality in the Making of an African Nation

Posters in Action is a rich illustrated volume on the making of an African Nation and analyses and documents historically the impact of posters on Namibia.
Miescher, Giorgio; Silvester, Jeremy; Rizzo, Lorena
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Title: Posters in Action
Subtitle: Visuality in the Making of an African Nation
Editors: Giorgio Miescher, Lorena Rizzo, Jeremy Silvester
Publisher: Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Basel, 2009
ISBN 9783905758092 / ISBN 978-3-905758-09-2
Softcover, 21x30 cm, 256 pages, 214 full colour illustrations


Posters are designed to act. They moblise people, create citizens and consumers, shape public space and memory. In this richly illustrated volume the action of posters is analysed and documented historically for one African country: Namibia. The volume is the result of a Namibian-Swiss co-operation in research, documentation and collecting. The essays by scholars from both countries consider the extent to which public visuals were distributed, displayed, seen and appropriated in the context of campaigns of persuasion, protest and resistance. The Photographic Poster Archive included in this book documents and reveals a century of contested visuality which shaped the visual communication of Namibia.

Content: Posters in Action. Visuality in the Making of an African Nation

Printing Posters
Printing Techniques and the Production of Posters Marcel Göhring
Tshoombe Ndadi and Kaleb Shaalukeni - Printing in Exile
Creating Space
Empty Landscapes, Wild Animals and Unspoiled People: Motifs in Namibian Tourism Advertising Luregn Lenggenhager
"Lees"! Historical Photography, Public Reading Sites and Visuals Dag Henrichsen
Adelheid Lilienthal - Promoting Coastal Culture in the 1970s and 1980s
Mobilising People
Poster Inaction - The Swiss Solidarity Movement and its Use of Posters Reto Ulrich and Benedikt Wyss
What NANSO Posters from Cape Town Reveal Sophia Mosch
Posters, T-Shirts and Placards: Images and Popular Mobilisation in Rundu during the Liberation Struggle Kletus Muhena Likuwa and Bertha Nyambe
Edoardo di Muro - the International Roots of a Famous SWAPO Poster
Creating Citizens and Consumers
The Mysterious Demographics of Beer Drinking Don Stevenson
Carl Schlettwein - Commercial Advertising in Namibia in the 1950s
A Picture of Health: Posters and HIV/Aids Campaigns in Namibia Naitsi Iizyenda and Sonia Ndimbira
Fathers and Sons of the Namibian Nation - Posters, Visuality and African Leaders Giorgio Miescher and Dag Henrichsen
DV8 Saatchi&Saatchi - Advertising in Today's Namibia
Memorialising History
Images of the Cassinga Massacre - Contested Visualities Nadja Borer
"They Gently Bring Back Memories of Those Events..." - A Case Study on the Reception of Namibia Day and Cassinga Day Posters Anna Vogeli
Mvula ya Nangolo and Theo Namupala - Design for Freedom
Fighting a War
"Strictly Members Only" - The Circulation of SWAPO Posters in Northern Namibia during the Liberation Struggle Martha Akawa
Joe Madisia - Artist and Designer in Namibia since the 1970s
"The Struggle is Futile" - A Short Overview of Anti-SWAPO Visual Propaganda Jeremy Silvester
Dudley Vaill - "We didn't Sign Anything": Producing Posters for the Trade Unions
The Photographic Poster Archive
A Photo Essay Dag Henrichsen, Giorgio Miescher, Lorena Rizzo, and Jeremy Silvester
Pasting the Landscape
On the Move
Interior Decorating

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