Dark Continent My Black Arse

Dark Continent My Black Arse is a travel writing by an humorous African adventurer who explores and tries to explain his own continent.
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Title: Dark Continent My Black Arse
Subtitle: by bus, boksie, matola... from Cape to Cairo
Author: Sihle Khumalo
Publisher: Umuzi
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781415200360
Soft cover, 15x22 cm, 223 pages


Dark Continent, My Black Arse is Sihle Khumalo's personal and often hilarious account of his perception of Mama Africa, based on his journey from Cape to Cairo by public transport in bus, boksie, matola. Celebrating life with gusto and in inimitable style, he describes a journey fraught with discomfort, mishap, ecstasy, disillusionment, discovery and astonishing human encounters.

A journey that would be acceptable madness in a white man but is regarded by the author's fellow Africans as an extraordinary and inexplicable expenditure of time and money. As Sihle Khumalo's famous counterpart Paul Theroux, author of Dark Star Safari, comments, Dark Continent, My Black Arse is uniquely an African travel story.

It is the story of an African travelling on his own money and motivation, from one end of Africa to the other. An inspiring story, it carries the following warning: Reading this book might cause you to resign from your boring job, leave your nagging, ungrateful, insecure partner, stop merely existing and start living the life you have always longed and yearned for.