Namibia: Geological Wonderland

Namibia Geological Wonderland: A geological journey for beginners and travellers.
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Title: Namibia: Geological Wonderland
Subtitle: A geological journey
Author: Nicole Grünert
Publisher: Padlangs Publications CC
Windhoek, Namibia 2015
ISBN 9789994579778 / ISBN 978-99945-79-77-8
Hardcover, 18 x 25 cm, 219 pages, throughout colour photos, images and maps

About: Namibia: Geological Wonderland

Namibia: Geological Wonderland aims to create an understanding of the geological history of Namibia and its underlying processes. Using the guide at a particular point of interest, the reader realises that what at first was just an interesting-looking rock formation is actually unique evidence of gigantic and even earth-moving processes. This geological travel guide is aimed at friends of Namibian landscapes as well as anyone who would like to improve his knowledge of geology. Namibia's geology reads like an open book.

Content: Namibia: Geological Wonderland

Supercontinents: Land masses on the move
The Damara Sequence: High mountain range in Namibia
The Nama Group: Escarpment landscape in southern Namibia
The Gariep Group: Unknown mountain range from the Orange to Luderitz
The Karoo Sequence: Most important sedimentary unit in southern Africa
Permo Carboniferous giaciation: ice cold times in Namibia
Post Karoo: When South America was only a short walk away
Tsondab Sandstone: Proof of the oldest desert in the world
Namibian mines and minerals: Treasures from the inner earth
Granite weathering: Rock destruction by wind and weather
Dolerite Dykes: Erosional patterns from the inner earth
Carbonate formation: Mountains formed by bacteria and chemical processes
Calcrete: The story of the ugly white boulders
Fossils: Signs of early life
Stromatolites: Massive rocks formed by bacteria
Tracing the first reptiles: Mesosaurus tenuidens
The Namib (Part 1): A visit to the oldest desert in the world
The Namib (Part 2): Fascinating dune landscape
Snowball Earth: When the earth was completely frozen
Groundwater: Namibia's hidden treasure
Surface Water: A rare commodity in a desert country
Volcanism: Volcanic giants in Namibia
Meteorites: Traces from the universe
The Kalahari: A desert or a savanna landscape
Orange River: A geological journey through southern Namibia
The Erongo: Impressive volcanic ruin from Post Karoo times
The Naukluft: Mountain chain that moved on a layer of salt
The Etosha Pan: Remnants of a huge inland lake
The Fish River Canyon: Deep cut in southern Namibia
The Victoria Falls: One of largest curtains of water in the world