Journal 63-2015 (Namibia Scientific Society)

A scientific series published by the Namibia Scientific Society, this is the Journal Nr. 63 from 2015.
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Title: Journal 63-2015 (Namibia Scientific Society)
Series: Journal NWG/Journal NSS (ISSN 1018-7677)
Authors: as listed below
Genre: Scientific Journal
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, Namibia 2015
ISBN 9789994576371 / ISBN 978-99945-76-37-1
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 240 pages, numerous b/w photographs, texts in English and German


This edition of the annual scientific Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society was published in the year of the society's ninty years anniversary, 2015. Antje Otto's detailed and most interesting contribution, 'The Namibia Scientific Society 90 Years (1925-2015)', covers the chronology of it's remarkable history in English language. Traditionally, and often depending on the mother language of the authors, the contributions in the Journals have been written in German or English.

Content: Journal 63-2016 (Namibia Scientific Society)

The Namibia Scientific Society: 90 Years 1925-2015 (Antje Otto)
Sprache, Bildung, Religion: Die Bedeutung (prä-)kolonialer Missionsarbeit für das postkoloniale Namibia (Rene Smolarski)
Rain and prehistoric pregnancy in a hunter-gatherer rock painting from Namibia (Piet van Royen)
Distribution of the Etendeka round-eared sengi (Macroscelides micus), a Namibian endemic mammal (Galen B. Rathbun; Timothy O. Osborne; Peter G. R. Coals)
„Per aspera ad astra": Aus den Anfangen der südafrikanischen Luftfahrt (Wolfgang Reith)
The Victorians and Namibia (Alexander Brewis)
Summer Desertification Programme 18: Changes in Rainfall and Biomass in the Namib Sand Sea Dune Ecosystem over 52 years (N. N. L. Aushiku; L. Buschbeck; A. Christian; M. Handjaba; L. Haraes; J. Ithindi; K. Johannes; A. Kandjai; E. Ndjomba)