Namib Flora: Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes

Namib Flora: Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes is aimed at making your trip to Namibia more interesting.
Craven, Patricia; Marais, Christine
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Title: Namib Flora
Subtitle: Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes
Autoren: Patricia Craven; Christine Marais
Publisher: Gamsberg Macmillan
Windhoek, South West Africa 1986
ISBN 0868482862 / ISBN 0-86848-286-2
Hardcover, 14 x 22 cm, 127 pages, many colour and bw-illustrations


Very good. Slight traces of usage. Rare.

About: Namib Flora. Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes

Plants in arid areas may differ in appearance not only from those in less arid areas, but they themselves also vary from year to year depending on climatic conditions. A fair number and variety of indigenous plants can be found in the Namib, especially in good rain years. Alien plants are common in the bed of the Swakop River. Some of these will be described as they are very much part of the vegetation of the area. Most plant characteristics are illustrated, therefore botanical terminology has been kept to a minimum, with explanatory notes in the text or the glossary. The ideal time to look for plants is in the early morning. The colours of the desert landscape are at their best before the heat of the day.

Content: Namib Flora. Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes

Tetragonia reduplicata
Swakop River East
Odyssea paucinervis
Heliotropium curassavicum
Cyperus marginatus
Nicotiana glauca
Heliotropium ovalifolium
Cladoraphis spinosa
Swakop River West
Zygophyllum simplex
Sarcocornia natalensis
Suaeda species
Galenia papulosa
Phragmites australis
Psilocaulon species
Sporobolus consimilis
Sporobolus nebulosus
Arthraerua leubnitziae
Acacia reficiens
Citrullus ecirrhosus
Orthanthera albida
Heiichrysum roseo-niveum
Blepharis grossa
Oleome foliosa var foliosa
Sutera maxii
Zygophyllum stapffii
Adenolobus pechuelii
Asclepias buchenaviana
Hoodia currori
Pechuel-Loeschea leubnitziae
Hermannia amabilis
Tapinanthus oleifolius
Tribulus zeyheri
Heliotropium tubulosum
Acacia erioloba
Acacia albida
Tamarix usneoides
Euclea pseudebenus
Acanthosicyos horridus
Petalidium pilosi-bracteolatum and Petalidium variabile
Salvadora persica
Salsola species
Welwitschia mirabilis
Trichocaulon clavatum
Commiphora saxicola
Sarcocaulon marlothii
Aloe asperifolia
Ipomoea adenioides
Parkinsonia africana
Ophioglossum polyphyllum
Lycium tetrandrum
Mesembryanthemum guerichianum
Euphorbia phylloclada
List of plants known to occur along this route