Mind-altering and poisonous plants of the world

This book introduces to the better known poisonous and mind-altering plants of the world.
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Title: Mind-altering and Poisonous Plants of the World
Author: Michael Wink; Ben-Erik van Wyk
Publisher: Briza Publications
Pretoria, South Africa 2008
ISBN 9781875093717 / ISBN 978-1875093-71-7
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 464 pages, distribution maps, 550 colour photographs


Mind-altering and Poisonous Plants of the World is presented as a compact, colourful and scientifically accurate reference text. It covers more than 1200 of the most important plants from Europe and North America and some of the African, Asian and Australian plants, if they are widely known. This book should be useful to learn about poisonous and mind-altering plants and to be able to help in case of poisoning and intoxication. One of the reasons for the extensive scientific research in these years is the fact that many of the poisonous and mind-altering plants are also used as medicinal plants in many countries of the world. The book gives a relevant background on how hazardous and mind-altering plants work. An overview of the various active ingredients is provided in an attempt to clarify the complexity of metabolic and physiological effects caused by toxic plants. The book provides information on toxicity, symptoms of poisoning and first aid treatment. The scope of the book does not allow full coverage of these topics and readers should consult textbooks of toxicology for a more detailed account of the pharmacological and medical background. This guide contains more than 200 illustrated monographs of important mind-altering and poisonous plants. For further information, a short checklist of over 1200 relevant plant species is provided, giving the correct scientific name, common name(s), family, origin, main compounds and main actions. Although not plants, some poisonous and mind-altering mushrooms have been included, since they are usually discussed in such a context.

Content: Mind-altering and Poisonous Plants of the World

What are toxins and toxic plants?
What are mind-altering substances and psychoactive plants?
Why do poisons and mind-altering substances exist in nature?
Occurrence of toxins and mind-altering substances in nature
Poisonous and mind-altering plants in human history: Murder, magic and medicine
Murder and Magic
Mind-altering plants of the Old World
Mind-altering plants of the New World
Early medicine
Importance of poisonous plants in modern life
Plants that affect the skin
Statistics of plant poisoning
Animal poisoning
First aid treatment
First aid - removal of toxins
Clinical therapy
Methods of testing for toxicity in humans
Plants in alphabetical order
Structure of monographs
Mow do poisons and mind-altering substances function?
Molecular modes of action
How do neurotoxins and mind-altering substances work?
Main classes of toxins and psychoactive compounds
Secondary metabolites with nitrogen
Secondary metabolites without nitrogen
Small reactive metabolites
Quick Guide to poisonous plants, mind-altering plants and fungi
Further reading