Medicinal, Poisonous, and Edible Plants in Namibia

This wonderful, large format guide describes 600 medicinal, poisonous, and edible plants in Namibia, and comes with 128 large drawings by author Eberhard von Koenen.
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Title: Medicinal, Poisonous, and Edible Plants in Namibia
Author: Eberhard von Koenen
Series: Edition Namibia, Vol. 4
Publisher: Klaus Hess Publishers
Göttingen, Germany 2007
ISBN 3980451879 / ISBN 3-9804518-7-9
ISBN 9991674748 / ISBN 99916-747-4-8
Cloth-bound, 22 x 30 cm, 336 pages, 128 illustrations

About: Medicinal, Poisonous, and Edible Plants in Namibia

Before starting this task the worrying question of whether decades of botanical research, in particular of medicinal and poisonous plants of Namibia (increasing the strength of phyto-toxins can turn these into valuable medicine) was still meaningful in view of the fact that powerful interest groups were getting ready to replace remedies from the natural kingdom with products from their research laboratories. In the meantime, however many things have changed. The awareness has grown that full legitimate recognition has to be conceded to naturopathy. Antroposophical medicine, homeopathy and phytotherapy are being recognised by the Public Health Services not only in Germany but also in Namibia. Research into and the use of our vegetation has proved justified, but the fact is that we have to protect nature's treasures as valuable knowledge will soon and irretrievably be lost with the passing away of experienced herbalists. The experience at my Windhoek surgery has shown the versatility and effectiveness in which natural remedies are able to respond to questions raised by both physician and patient, and in close collaboration with orthodox medicine wonderful results have and can be achieved. Understandably, the enquiry into indigenous medicinal herbs arose from the need to expand the possibilities of one's own medical practice. It was also important to me to satisfy Namibia's farmers' thirst for knowledge. It is not only the medicinal and edible plants they are interested in but also the toxic ones. Farmers not only have to recognise them as a deadly risk to cattle but also which remedies to administer in case of poisoning.

Content: Medicinal, Poisonous, and Edible Plants in Namibia

The Natural Environment
The Biotopes (Plates)
Traditional Healers
Medicinal Plants,
Poisonous Plants, Edible Plants
The Plants
The Families
List of Latin Plant Names
List of those of the Plants, which also occur
in other Regions of Southern Africa
Explanations to Plant Descriptions
The Description of Plants
The Plates of Plants
Vernacular Plant Names
The Author