Make a Difference in People's Life!

Make a Difference in People's Life! Namibian-African Essays and Reflections on Biblical, Political and Social Issues.
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Title: Make a Difference in People's Life!
Subtitles: Essays and Reflections on Biblical, Political and Social Issues
Author: Zephania Kameeta
Editor: Ute Hedrich
Publisher: Luther-Verlag
Bielefeld, Germany 2019
ISBN 9783785807613 / ISBN 978-3-7858-0761-3
Softcover, 15 x 22 cm, 144 pages

About: Make a Difference in People's Life!

Against the thought that the world, the own country or church and the own life might remain as it is, Namibia's former Bishop Dr. Zephania Kameeta encourages on various occasions men and women to take up the challenges and work for a better future. For Zephania Kameeta the political sphere, social life, the request for human rights and equal opportunities is part and parcel of God's world and needs to be confronted, reflected and encouraged by the word of God.

The world and human kind is God's creation and so human beings got creative and innovative power as Zephania Kameeta has emphasized several times. In Make a Difference in People's Life! essays, reflections, word of greetings, devotions and speeches are collected that are telling the story how to translate this conviction into the reality in Namibia, in Africa and in the world. Texts often clearly directed to a specific event or situation are evident and clear examples how faith and commitment changes the perception and the facts of one's life and reality.

May this collection might be a source of encouragement to strive for a better tomorrow. Carried by the impulse Kameeta formulated in his sermon at the Lutheran World Federation's celebration of 500 years Reformation in Namibia's capital Windhoek in May 2017: "Dear sisters and brothers, let us go out from here with this liberating TRUTH, our Lord Jesus CHRIST - to be reformed and reformers, renewed and renewing, liberated and liberating and to live lives in which people see and experience grace, love, justice, unity and peace."

Contents: Make a Difference in People's Life!

Introduction Ute Hedrich (Ed)
Foreword Ulrich Möller
Foreword Frank Chikane
1. Striving for Human Rights, for Social Grants and Social Justice
Celebrating our Unity - CCN Round Table Conference 20-22 October 1997
Striving for Namibia's Freedom on two Continents - a Dedication to Carl-J Hellberg's Contribution to the Struggle
An Obligation is laid upon us (1 Cor 9:16)
Religion, Culture and Human Rights. How to strengthen Human Rights in a globalized World
Learning from Children and from People who have been marginalized
Give us - Now and not only Tomorrow! Strengthening Community and Christian active Involvement
God's Power in our Weakness
Springs of Life-Giving Waters for Today and Tomorrow
Leading beyond Natural Abilities
Leading in Faith: Beyond own Strength and Human Understanding
Reconciliation in the Workplace
Social Justice, Solidarity and Development - The role of social Protection in Eradicating Poverty, Overcoming Inequalities and Empowering People
2. Political Issues after Independence Addressed
The "Separation of Powers and its Importance for Africa, with special Emphasis on Namibia"
Dealing with the Atrocities of the Struggle
Heroes and Heroines
Use of Agricultural Land
Land Distribution and Productivity
Unity in Diversity
Tolerating One Another - on PLAN Combatants' Issues
Building public Trust through the Promotion of high Levels of Integrity for Citizen-Centered Service Delivery
3. Contextualizing Theological Reflections, Bible Studies and Devotions
Worshipping God in an African Way
Our Existence is in your Hands
In Death and Life God Remains God
A Note on the Death of Ehrenfried Kandovazu
Despite Tsunamis and Earthquakes - Never Give Up!
God's Rainbow and our Prophet Tasks
For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come (Hebrews 13:14)
Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)
All You Need to Say is Simply "Yes" or "No"
Psalm 107:10-22: A Contextual Translation from Namibia
Creation not for Sale
Liberated and Liberating - Sermon at the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation
Short Biography of Dr Zephania Kameeta