Landy's New Home

In Landy’s New Home we learn how Jack and Landy set up their smallholding and make homes for all the animals.
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Title: Landy's New Home
Author: Veronica Lamond
Series: Landy Series
Genre: Children's book
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
ISBN 9781775842903 / ISBN 978-1-77584-290-3
Hardcover, 21 x 24 cm, 32 pages, throughout illustrated

About: Landy's New Home

It was a very hot day. Landy and Molly dozed in the sunshine. But Jack had big plans. "Ouch! You're so hot, Landy," he said, "we could fry eggs on your bonnet!" Jack took off Landy's door tops and rolled up his canvas. "That should cool you down," he said. "Aaah, that's better, said Landy. "Let's go to Mark's Yard," said Jack. Molly jumped onto her seat and off they went. As they drove down the lane, Katy passed by on her bicycle. "BEEP! BEEP!" said Landy. Mark's Yard was full of all sorts of things bricks and slate, iron and wood, stone and steel. Landy watched the crane lifting timber, while Jack hunted for planks and corrugated iron. This lot will keep you busy," said Mark, as he helped Jack load everything into Landy. [...]