Landy and the Apple Harvest

Jack and Landy come to the rescue when an apple tree is blown over in a storm, but all ends well with a big apple harvest party.
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Title: Landy and the Apple Harvest
Author: Veronica Lamond
Series: Landy Series
Genre: Children's book
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2017
ISBN 9781775845409 / ISBN 978-1-77584-540-9
Hardcover, 21 x 24 cm, 32 pages, throughout illustrated

About: Landy and the Apple Harvest

It was a very windy night. Jack made sure all the animals were safe in their little houses. "Goodnight, Landy," he said. "Come Molly, let's go inside and keep warm." It was pitch dark inside the house. A power cable had blown down in the wind, so there was no electricity. Jack lit some candles and sat by the fire until bedtime. By early the next morning the wind had dropped and the sun came out. Jack got an urgent phone call. "A tree has fallen on Florrie's roof, Landy," he said. "She needs our help!" "Poor Florrie," thought Landy, "how frightening for her." Beep! Beep!" said Landy, as they drove past the engineers fixing the cable from w a cherry picker. The wind had blown all sorts of things into the road. As Landy went round the corner, Crack! he drove straight over a bin lid. "Sorry Betty," called Jack, "I'll buy you a new one!"