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Lady Trader. A Biography of Mrs Sarah Heckford

Lady Trader. A Biography of Mrs Sarah Heckford

Lady Trader brings remarkable Sarah Heckford to life in a riveting South African biography.
Allen, Vivien

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Author: Vivien Allen
Publisher: Protea Boekhuis
Pretoria, 2010
ISBN: 9781869193577
Soft cover, 14x20 cm, 306 pages, some bw photos, English

Der abenteuerliche Lebensweg einer englischen Dame als Wanderhändlerin im südafrikanischen Lowveld der 1870er Jahre.


Sarah Heckford, born a Victorian lady in 1839, defied convention. Despite disability and the confines of upper-class expectations.

She broke all boundaries, was first to volunteer at a cholera hospital, then to start a children’s hospital in London’s East End with her husband.

Newly widowed, she left first for Italy and India, and then for South Africa. Arriving at Durban in 1878, Sarah set out for the Transvaal.

Here she became a governess and then a farmer; later she became a transport-rider and trader, trading goods with hunters and miners in the Lowveld.

She made a life for herself in Africa despite considerable drawbacks, all the while trying to find ways of bettering the lives of those around her.

Author Vivien Allen has brought this remarkable woman to life in a riveting biography.