Hidden in The Desert: Africa's Most Ancient Art

Africa's most ancient art, the petroglyphs, are hidden in Namibia's desert.
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Film title: Hidden in The Desert: Africa's Most Ancient Art
Authors: Klaus-Dieter Gralow; Roger Pitann; Hans Thull
Rostock, Germany 2008
DVD, 46 min, Region Code 0 (worldwide), Stereo, 4:3, PAL, English; German


Sand covers cultures, burying the history of their creators, their everyday life and their art. Evidence of the distant past is sparse, but a few clues survive in hidden places. Let's go back to July, 1969. The world is focused on the Apollo 11 mission while in the South of Namibia, an archaeological excavation commences. In a Hunsberge cave, Dr W. E. Wendt, the experienced prehistorian, examines Africa's most ancient art. This film re-explores the tracks of his 1969 expedition and shows a formadible collection of rock art sites and the impressive landscape of dunes and rocks.