Guide to Grasses of southern Africa

This is the most comprehensive colour identification guide to the common grasses of southern Africa.
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Title: Guide to Grasses of southern Africa
Author: Frits van Oudtshoorn
Publisher: Briza Publications
3rd edition. Pretoria, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781920217358 / ISBN 978-1-920217-35-8
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 288 pages, 1000 colour photographs, distribution maps

Description: Guide to Grasses of southern Africa

Grasses are the most important plant family on earth. They were the first plants to be cultivated for food and are still, like maize, wheat, rice or sugercane, the most important source of nourishment. Grass also plays a vital role in the ecology in terms of food for animals and protecting the soil from erosion. This unique Guide to Grasses of southern Africa includes descriptions and illustrations of the 320 most important grasses in southern Africa, a grass identification key and 1000 excellent colour photographs, 13 short, illustrated introductory chapters with general information on grasses, grass and grazing, cultivated pasture, etc., and a series of symbols to enable readers to obtain certain information about a specific grass at a glance.

Content: Guide to Grasses of southern Africa

Introductory chapters
What is grass?
Other uses
Grass and ecology
Grass and grazing
Grass and soil erosion
Grass and veld management
Grass and veld fires
Grass and plant succession
Sweet and sourveld
Veld restoration
Cultivated pasture
Further reading
The grasses
Structure of the grass plant
Vegetative parts
Reproductive parts
Spikelets of larger genuses
Meaning of icons
Grasses of Southern Africa
Other important grasses
Identification key