Flame in the Snow: The Love Letters of Andre P. Brink and Ingrid Jonker

Flame in the Snow unfolds one of South African literature’s most famous love affairs, the one between Andre P. Brink and Ingrid Jonker.
Brink, Andre; Galloway, Francis
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Title: Flame in the Snow
Author: André Brink
Editor: Francis Galloway
Genre: Letter collection
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Imprint: Umuzi
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
ISBN 9781415207086 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0878-6
Hardcover, 17 x 23 cm, 440 pages

Description: Flame in the Snow: The Love Letters of Andre P. Brink and Ingrid Jonker

Flame in the Snow offers a very personal glimpse of writer Andre P. Brink and poet Ingrid Jonker during a specific period, thereby providing insight into their lives and their work in South Africa. Even if these words are all the reader has, without the advantage of facial expression or touch, they nevertheless offer an experience that is "significant". In the final analysis, the letters offer not only a peek into a phase of the lives of two exceptional people, they also serve as an articulation of life in its entirety: from falling in love and the experience of the enchanting, almost mystical liberation that can be found in intimacy with another human being, to shared idealism and candid exchanges of opinions, to hurtful clashes, and light-hearted fun. The age-old themes of forbidden love, betrayal and loyalty, of social pressure on individuals and reckless rebellion against propriety, not to mention the inexorability of death, are all uniquely considered and vividly expressed in the correspondence of the courageous young novelist and the sun-loving poet. Ingrid Jonker’s final letter to Andre P. Brink is dated 18 April 1965. She drowned herself in the ocean at Three Anchor Bay three months later. More than fifty years on, this poignant, often stormy relationship still grips readers’ imaginations.