D’vine Restaurant: The Cookbook

A cookbook and portray of famous D'vine Restaurant at Willowbrook Lodge in Somerset West as an important stopover for culinary visitors to South Africa.
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Title: D’vine Restaurant
Subtitle: The Cookbook
Author: Gerald Hoberman; Marc Hoberman; Loren Livesy
Genre: Photobook, coffee-table book
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2003
ISBN 9780972982221 / ISBN 978-0-972982-22-1
Hardcover, 22 x 28 cm, 112 pages, throughout colour photographs


A growing international reputation for culinary excellence and an atmosphere of tranquillity and sparkling hospitality have made D'vine Restaurant at Willowbrook Lodge in Somerset West an important stopover for visitors to South Africa. Situated in the heart of the Cape winelands on the famous Cape Wine Route, D'vine Restaurant is a memorable pause in the vivid, vibrant symphony of what has become known as the African experience. It is in this beautiful village that the authors were inspired to provide, through this book, a window to the kitchen of executive chef Loran Livesey. The gastronomic experience provided by this exceptional restaurant is highlighted by the impeccable attention to detail of hosts Anton Bekker and Ed Pearce who treat their guests with a warmth that reflects both the glorious African sunshine and an old world hospitality. The recipes selected for this book are firm favourites of those sophisticated and discerning international diners who fill Loran's restaurant day and night. Her epicurean masterpieces should inspire both gourmet cooks and novices to venture into their own kitchens, spatulas at the ready, to try the easy-to-follow recipes in this collection.