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The Prisoner of War Tokens of German South West Africa

The Prisoner of War Tokens of German South West Africa

A description and a historical view

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The Prisoner of War Tokens of German South West Africa

Author: Gordon McGregor
Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek 2003
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 34 pages, german/english, sw-photos

From the preface:

At some stage during my years of collecting I acquired a round brass token with a small Imperial German Eagle and a number stamped on it. Not knowing what it was, the token was relegated to my box of “unknown" items.

While doing research on my publication, "The Native Pass Tokens of German South West Africa", I found a reference about prisoner of war tokens which I fleetingly followed up and then only did I recognise the unknown token as a prisoner of war token.

Now that the token that I had in my possession was identified and, as prisoner of war tokens did not fall within the scope of my research for the above book, I decided to research this token at a later stage. The result of that research are now laid out and documented below. […]

From "Description of token":

The token was made of brass sheet metal for males and tin sheet metal for females, round in shape, 45 millimetres in diameter, with no rim, and l millimetre thick.

Two small holes, 5 millimetres in diameter, were punched at the top for Suspension.

Obverse: Just below the holes is a small Imperial German Eagle 9 millimetres in height. Below the Imperial Eagle, space was left for an 8 millimetres high number to be stamped onto the token.