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An African Journal

An African Journal

An African Journal is a unique reflection on the spirit of Southern Africa and outstanding artwork.
Klemm, Horst

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Title: An African Journal
Photographer: Horst Klemm
Editor: Denis Smith
Publisher: Horst Alexander Klemm
Limited edition. Johannesburg, 1994
ISBN 0620181532 / ISBN 0-620-18153-2
ISBN 9780620181532 / 978-0-620-18153-2
Hardcover bound in half leather and canvas, slip case, 24x32 cm, 198 pages, throughout colour photographs


An African Journal, is a special way to enjoy the photographers work. Here one can almost touch the passion and compassion this artist-photographer feels for Southern Africa, its sweeping landscapes, its animals and its people with their wide variety of life-styles. Horst Klemm started his career studying Graphic Design in Stuttgart and soon discovered his talent for photography. Driven by his longing for the golden age of adventure he became the classical traveller. Challenged by Africa’s cultures, landscapes and wildlife he settled in South Africa in 1974 and began his career in the field of advertising photography, winning numerous awards.

His true passion, however, is nature and its immense diversity of wildlife. His fine art work depicting the rural communities, landscapes and wildlife is noted for his meticulous attention to detail, form and lighting. An African Journal is a unique reflection on the spirit of Africa. Presentation copies were ordered for the royal libraries of Queen Elizabeth of England, Queen Margarethe of Denmark, Nelson Mandela, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Helmut Kohl, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Omar Sharif and many other distinguished personalities.

Content: An African Journal

Zambezi: Wild waters
Bushmen: Last glimpses of a vanishing people
Okavango: Great faces of the wild
The Namib Desert: A living fossil

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