The abundant herds. A celebration of the Nguni cattle of the Zulu people

The aim of "The abundant herds - A celebration of the Nguni cattle of the Zulu people" is to record a part of this unique South African heritage for posterity.
Poland, Marguerite; Hammond-Tooke, David; Voigt, Leigh
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Illustrations: Leigh Voigt
Authors: Marguerite Poland; David Hammond-Tooke
Publisher: Fernwood Press
Cape Town, 2003
ISBN: 9781874950691
Hardcover, dustjacket, 29x28 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour and bw-photographs

Wie den Herero in Namibia, war den Zulu in Südafrika die Pflege und Vermehrung ihrer Rinderherden Lebenszweck. Wie sich dies in hochdifferenzierender Sprache, in der Namensgebung und sogar in Lobgedichten auf das Rind entwickelte, zeigt dieser hochinteressante und hochwertig ausgestaltete Band.


This book, illustrated by internationally acclaimed artist, Leigh Voigt, examines the role played by the Nguni cattle and cattle-related imagery in the oral tradition of the Zulu.

Throughout the ages, wellbeing of the herds has been so closely connected to that of men that cattle have become part of the spiritual and aesthetic lives of the people, a perception that is mirrored in their poetic and complex naming practice.

While the terms form the core of a fascinating classification system, cattle imagery also abounds in Zulu oral history and poetry; in tales, proverbs, riddles and the ‘praises’ of individual beasts.

For the younger generation this knowledge is fast fading and there is a real danger that a precious branch of indigenous knowledge will ultimately disappear.