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Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula

Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula

Beautiful tour to the Cape Peninsula and the Table Mountain’s different faces and moods.

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Book title: Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula
Authors: Christiaan Diedericks; Catherine Eden
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 9781770071445 / ISBN 978-1-77007-144-5
Hardcover, dustcover, 24x24 cm, 128 pages, throughout colour photos


The South African Table Mountain National Park extends from Cape Town’s trademark table-top mountain all the way to Cape Point, where craggy cliffs drop spectacularly into a boiling sea. The Park’s slogan, ‘accessible to all, forever’, reflects an intention as well as a claim; for Table Mountain and its surrounds are central to the life of every Capetonian.

Photographer Christiaan Diedericks and writer Catherine Eden take a tour of the peninsula, recording the mountain’s different faces and moods. The round trip begins at the front face and continues to the Atlantic seaboard, Chapman’s Peak and surrounds, Cape Point, False Bay and the Constantia valley, ending with Kirstenbosch and Devil’s Peak.

Captured from accessible vantage points, the images are a tribute to a beloved landmark that is inseparable from day-to-day city life. African mythology recognises Table Mountain as Um lindi Wemingizimu – the Watcher of the South – previously one of four giants created to guard the corners of the earth. Perhaps that accounts for a magnetic presence that exceeds its physical proportions and keeps mere mortals entranced.

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