Cape Town (Medium-Hoberman)

Hoberman's medium-sized photo book is an unforgettable visual journey through the small paradise perched on Africa's southernmost peninsula, Cape Town.
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Title: Cape Town
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781919939490 / ISBN 978-1-919939-49-0
Cloth bound, 18 x 13 cm, 248 pages, 300 spot varnished colour photograph, 1 map


Plans flor the development of a harbour in Table Bay were first drawn up in 1884 by the engineer Sir John Goode. famous for his design of the harbour in Portland in Dorset. Building of the breakwater began soon afterwards, and, in 1860. Prince Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria, inaugurated its construction by lipping the first load of rocks. Ten years later he would open the first harbour basin, the Alfred Basin. An increase in shipping, caused by industrialisation, led to the expansion of the docks, and a second basin, the Victoria Basin, was built piecemeal from 1870 to 1905. In both cases local convict labour was tised for the construction. The advent of larger ships and increased traffic during the war years necessitated the building of a larger and deeper dock. The Duncan dock, completed in 1944, was built nearly a kilometre out to sea, creating a 200-ha zone of reclaimed land which wrenched the docklands from the city, a separation that came to an end almost 50 years later with the timely redevelopment of the harbour and the formation of the V&A Waterfront as a leisure, tourist and residential centre. Find out more about Cape Town in this nicely made medium-sized Hoberman photo book.

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