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A History of Namibia

A History of Namibia

A History of Namibia provides an invaluable introduction and reference source to the past of a country that is often neglected.

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Title: A History of Namibia
Subtitle: From the Beginning to 1990
Author: Marion Wallace; John Kinahan
Publisher: Jacana
Cape Town, 2012
ISBN 9781770098879 / ISBN 978-1-77009-887-9
Softcover, 14x22 cm, 451 pages, some b/w photos


In 1990, Namibia gained its independence after struggling against South African rule, and, before that, against German colonialism. This book, the first new scholarly general history of Namibia in two decades, provides a fresh synthesis of these events, and of the much longer precolonial period. It begins with a history of human activity in Namibia from the earliest times to the 19th century. Drawing on sources in English and German, it explores histories of migration, production and power in the precolonial period, the changes triggered by European expansion and the dynamics of the period of formal colonialism. The coverage of German rule includes a full chapter on the war of 1904-1908.

The book outlines the history and historiography of the wars fought in central and southern Namibia, and the subsequent mass imprisonment of defeated Africans in concentration camps. The final two chapters analyse the period of African nationalism, apartheid and war between 1946 and 1990. The book's conclusion considers the development of Namibia in the two decades since independence. A History of Namibia provides an invaluable introduction and reference source to the past of a country that is often neglected. It makes accessible the latest research, illuminates current controversies, puts forward new insights, and suggests future directions for research.

Content: A History of Namibia

List of Illustrations
Acknowledgments Maps
From the Beginning: The Archaeological Evidence
Politics, Trade and Transformation: Southern and Central Namibia, 1730-1870
Monarchy, Power and Change: The North, 1750-1907
The Shadow of Protection, 1870-93
Under German Rule, 1894-1903
The Namibian War, 1904-8
Building a German Colony, 1908-15
South African Rule, 1915-46
Nationalism and Apartheid, 1946-70
Liberation Struggles and the Retreat from Apartheid, 1971-90

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