A Cook's Compendium

A Cook's Compendium consists of 250 essential tips, techniques, trade secrets & tasty recipes.
Davis, Jenni
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Title: A Cook's Compendium
Subtitle: 250 essential tips, techniques, trade secrets & tasty recipes
Editors: Jenni Davis
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Lifestyle
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781432304041 / ISBN 978-1-4323-0404-1
Softcover, 19 x 24 cm, 160 pages, 350 photographs


This is an indispensable compendium of technical know-how for the home cook which shows not only HOW to cook, but WHY cooking works. If you really understand what’s going on inside the oven or a griddle pan, you will feel a lot more in control of your cooking! A Cook’s Compendium shows you all the best ways to cook meat and fish, pulses and legumes, pastas and grains, and unlocks the mysteries of pastries and baking to make you feel like a confident cook, whether you choose to follow a recipe or invent something with what’s in the cupboard. There are money saving tips, shoestring ways to impress dinner party guests, and flavour combination panels that suggest unusual ingredient pairings. The book is full of tips, techniques, and all-important troubleshooting advice that will allow you to get the best out of the meals you make. It is like an essential cooking course, combined with tasty recipes to prepare so that you can enjoy what you have just discovered: putting the techniques through their paces by making a delicious meal.

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