Whoever Fears the Sea

Whoever Fears the Seatells the story of Paul Waterson, a scriptwriter scouting locations for a prospective documentary on the maritime world of East Africa.
Fox, Justin
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Title: Whoever Fears the Sea
Author: Justin Fox
Genre: Fiktion
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Umuzi
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781415203996 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0399-6
Softcover, 15 x 22 cm, 272 pages


South African scriptwriter Paul Waterson is in Kenya to carry out research for a documentary film. It’s October 2001, and his relationship has come to an unexpected end. Searching for solace in Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu, he becomes obsessed with finding the last remaining mtepe dhow in Somalia, a magnificent, sewn vessel harking back to Africa’s rich maritime past. But getting someone to take him into Somali waters proves near impossible. When he does manage to talk a dhow captain into the journey, he and the crew are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead. Whoever Fears the Sea is a novel on modern sailing-ship adventures off the myth-laden East African coast.

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