Understanding History, Vol. 9

Understanding History, Vol. 9 is a Namibian Junior Secondary Textbook. History of colonial Namibia, Africa and the World.
Mbumba, Nangolo; Patemann, Helgard; Katzao, John J.; O'Callaghan, Bryn; van Staden, Eddie; Tail, Davy H. A.;
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Book title: Understanding History, Vol. 9
Editors: John J Katzao; Nangolo Mbumba; Bryn O'Callaghan; Helgard Patemann; Eddie I van Staden; Davy H A Tail
Publisher: Longman
25th impression, Windhoek 2005
ISBN 99916-1-010-3
Softcover, 18x24 cm, 192 pages, numerous bw-illustrations


Understanding History 9 has been compiled to fulfil the requirements of the new Namibian Curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools. The histories of colonial Namibia, Africa and the World are presented in a topic-oriented manner, that is, themes have been chosen in accordance with central issues.

Chapters, nevertheless, follow a loose chronological order. A summary of the content, and a list of the main concepts to be presented, are provided in each chapter. Stimulating suggestions for exercises and project work, as well as numerous maps, photographs and other illustrations are provided. A comprehensive vocabulary list of new and difficult terms, and an index, will facilitate teaching and learning.