The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa

The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa describes both diurnal and nocturnal species.
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Book title: The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa
Author: Ulrich Oberprieler
Type: Bird Guide
Publisher: Ulrich Ecoventures
2nd edition. Pretoria, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9780992170103 / ISBN 978-0-9921701-0-3
Softcover, PVC envelope, 17 x 24 cm, 384 pages, more than 600 photographs, colour distribution maps

About: The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa

This updated and revised edition (2012) of the Raptor Guide of Southern Africa describes, expanded by another 82 additional pages, all southern African, both diurnal and nocturnal species, offers a user-friendly system of 11 groups which are colourcoded and cross-referenced and comprehensive text that emphasises field recognition, behaviour, feeding methods, breeding and the origin of the raptor's name. Also, it gives concise information indicating measurements, distribution, habitat preference, food and status. Furtheron names are listed in English, Afrikaans, French, German, Portuguese and scientific names, distribution maps that indicate abundance and migratory patterns and over 600 excellent colour photographs to indicate males, females, juveniles, other colour variations and flight patterns are to be found in this guide. The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa shows both old and new Roberts numbers indicated, has colour illustrations of all flight patterns, sonograms to interpret the calls of owls, a comprehensive section on confusing birds and is a must for every birdwatcher and raptorphile.