The Loss Library

In The Loss Library, Ivan Vladislavić examines lost fictions, stories that go missing or are never completed. A meditation on creativity, mortality and the allure of the incomplete.
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Title: The Loss Library
Author: Ivan Vladislavić
Genre: Short Story
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Umuzi
Cape Town, South Africa 2011
ISBN 9781415201626 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0162-6
Softcover, 13 x 22 cm, 112 pages


These eleven case studies, as one might call them, are drawn from the authors notebooks of the past twenty years. They bring together ideas for stories and notes on why these stories remain incomplete. Only after the selection of ideas was made did it become apparent that they belong to three distinct periods. There were hundreds of failed stories to choose from. Presumably most writers have many more ideas than they are able to act on, and the number of stillborn schemes and incomplete drafts in Ivan Vladislavić's files is not unusual. His selections owe more to intuition than logic; their arrangement into the sequence found in The Loss Library, which sets no store by the order of composition, is indefensible.

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