The History of Nursing in Namibia

Agnes van Dyk has diligently researched the history of nursing in Namibia from 1800 to 1996, and come up with a book which most faily reflects the true events
Dyk, Agnes van
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Book title: The History of Nursing in Namibia
Author: Agnes van Dyk
Publisher: Gamsberg Macmillan
Windhoek, Namibia 1997
ISBN 10: 999160118X
ISBN 13: 9789991601182
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 208 pages, several bw-photos


This work comprises the fascinating characters and unusual circumstances which have surrounded the development of the health care profession through what have been turbulent times. […] By 1902 the German military garrison hospital at Windhoek was extended and completed. Four trained nurses (German Catholic Sisters) arrived in 1903 to join the existing nursing staff. They served with distinction.

The quality of their service was recognised by the Kaiser who awarded them medals in the form of a brooch with a Red Cross design (Information: Sister Juditha Holy Cross RC Nursing Order). By 1904 extensions were added to the hospital so that a total of 46 beds were available. The workload of the nurses was greatly increased during the Nama/Herero rebellions as additional hospital facilities had to be provided temporarily in the form of a hut and a Dockersche Baracke, each with 20 beds plus a corrugated iron building of 35 beds.

By June 1905, a 30-bed children's ward was added to the military hospital. So many typhus cases occurred at this time that convalescent patients were sent to centres at Karibib and Okahandja for further care. As a result of the Nama/Herero wars the military hospital in Windhoek evolved into a hospital with an operating theatre, sterilisation facilities, mortuary and fairly well-equipped wards. […]