Spud and the following parts of this great boy story were publishing phenomenons in South Africa.
van de Ruit, John
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Title: Spud
Author: John van de Ruit
Genre: Novel
Publisher: The Penguin Group (South Africa)
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 9780143024842 / ISBN 978-0-14-302484-2
Softcover, 13 x 20 cm, 389 pages

Description: Spud

John van de Ruit's debut novel, Spud, proofed to be a publishing phenomenon in South Africa, smashing all local fiction records. The sequel, Spud: the Madness Continues (2007) received rave reviews and both books have since been published round the globe. The penultimate book in the series, Spud: Learning to Fly was released in 2009. A feature film of John's first novel, Spud, was released in Southern Africa in December 2010 starring John Cleese and Troye Sivan. School boy Spud is armed with only his wits and his diary, takes us from illegal nightswimming to the cricket field, from ghostbusting to teacher baiting. He also invites us into the mind of a boy struggling to come to terms with a strange new world; a South African boy whose eyes are being opened to love, friendship and complete insanity.