Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa (Pocket Guide)

This pocket guide features 276 species of snakes and other reptiles of Southern Africa.
Branch, Bill
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Title: Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa
Series: Pocket Guide
Author: Bill Branch
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa (Struik Nature)
Cape Town, South Africa 2016
ISBN 9781775841647 / ISBN 978-1-77584-164-7
Softcover, 11 x 18 cm, 160 pages, 300 colour photographs, 275 maps


Clarity and ease of use have been the main criteria in the design of the pocket guide to Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa. Thumbnail silhouettes allow quick access to the appropriate reptile group. The size shown is total length, with the range from young adult to maximum size. In the succinct species descriptions, key features for identification are emphasized in italic type. In some difficult groups, such as thread snakes and sand lizards, it may be necessary to have the specimen in hand to obtain detailed scale counts before a positive identification can be assured. As with birds, field identification is not always easy and depends on sensible and good observation. Features what to note when first spotting a reptile are given as an aid for comparison with the pictures in the species accounts. A glossary of specialized terms and diagrams showing the anatomy of various reptiles is featured as well.

Content: Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa (Pocket Guide)

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Field hints
Habitats of southern Africa
Species accounts
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Glossary of terms
Index to common names
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