Skeleton Coast (Schoeman)

Skeleton Coast by Amy Schoeman gives a deep look into the strange and elusive visual qualities of a remote, dynamic and awesome desert wilderness.
Schoeman, Amy
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Title: Skeleton Coast
Author: Amy Schoeman
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2003
ISBN 9781868728916
Hardcover, dustjacket, 21x28 cm, 148 pages, throughout colour photos


The Skeleton Coast Park extends from the Kunene River on the northern Namibian border to the Ugab River near Cape Cross in the south. Although one of the more recent and lesser-known parks in Africa, it is undoubtedly high on the list of the world’s most unusual, fascinating and scenically beautiful areas. In this magnificent book, through her captivating photographs and absorbing text, Amy Schoeman shares with the reader the strange beauties of her life’s passion.

Skeleton Coast takes an in-depth look at the moist coastal desert park of northern Namibia. Magnificent photographs capture the life of the desert, its forms, colours and the moods of its ever-changing landscapes. The story of its geology and its minerals, as well as that of the richly diverse plant and animal life, set the scene for the tales of shipwrecks - the Dunedin Star, Montrose and Suiderkus, to name a few - and of man’s disastrous experiences in the wilderness area.

Amy Schoeman traces the pattern of its history, from the early Portuguese explorers, to the many mining ventures of this century and the proclamation of the area as a park in 1971. In this, the updated edition of the book first published in 1984, Amy Schoeman presents a deeper and more penetrating look into the strange and elusive visual qualities of this remote, dynamic and awesome desert wilderness. It comes at a time when the future of the fragile area is uncertain in the face of development, uncontrolled tourism, and money-making schemes such as the dumping of toxic waste.

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