Sasol Birding Map of Southern Africa

Easy-to-use, illustrated map to 200 of the top birding sites in southern Africa.
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Sasol Birding Map of Southern Africa

Title: Sasol Birding Map of Southern Africa
Authors: Trevor Hardaker; Ian Sinclair
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2001
ISBN 9781868724239 / ISBN 978-1-86872-423-9
Folded map, 65x100 cm, colour print on either side, main scale 1:3.500.000 and others


Featuring over 200 of the top birding sites, this easy-to-use, illustrated map acts as a guide to watching birds in southern Africa. Details of each birding site are featured, including descriptions of habitat, and the type of bird to be found there. The main map scale at 1:3.500.000 displays Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe completly, and the southern part of Mozambique. 201 Parks, regions and locations, which are considered important for birding, are pointed and marked out. Beside the map you will find those states and the south african provinces listed up together with short descriptions (in birding regards) of these 200 places spread all over them. The regions Cape Town, Harare, Durban and Johannesburg are displayed in extra sub-maps, as they bear some more of those birding places. Printed on the other side of the map there are following sub-maps guided by numerous colour photos and texts giving information about diverse birding topics.

Content: Sasol Birding Map of Southern Africa

• Bvumba Mountians (1:140.000 and other)
• Mkuzi Game Reserve ( 1:400.000)
• Kruger National Park (1:200.000)
• Nylsvlei Nature Reserve (1:65.000)
• Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (1:1.400.000)
• Eastern Etosha National Park 1:1.400.000)
• Chobe National Park (1:1.650.000)
• West coast National Park (1:225.000)