Porini. In the Wilderness

Bill Harvey's book, Porini - In the Wilderness, provides a fascinating view into the early history of the Selous Game Reserve.
Harvey, Bill; Baldus, Rolf D.
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Title: Porini
Subtitle: In the wilderness
Author: Bill Harvey
Editor: Rolf D. Baldus
Illustrations: Bodo Meier
Bad Honnef, Germany 2022
ISBN 9783000713491 / ISBN 978-3-00-071349-1
Hardcover, 18 x 25 cm, 270 pages, numerous photographs and watercolor illustrations, 6 maps

About: Porini. In the Wilderness

With Bill Harvey's memoirs, 'Porini - In the Wilderness', Selous expert Dr. Rolf D. Baldus published an important contemporary document on the history of the Selous Reserve and the southern half of Tanzania during the 1930s, from the perspective of nature conservation at the time. Bill Harvey was the region's game ranger in charge from 1928 to 1938 and later wrote down his memories of that time while he was a prisoner of war. However, they were never published. In addition to poaching control and game counts, the work as a game ranger at the time also included protecting the plantations, livestock and villages of the locals from harmful game. Since these troublemakers were usually elephants, buffaloes, hippos and lions, adventurous situations occurred quite often. 'Porini - In the Wilderness' is an exciting, entertaining, varied and educational work, not only in the topics of hunting and natural history, but also from a historical perspective. Rolf D. Baldus deserves our thanks for making Bill Harvey's memories accessible to the general public.

Content: Porini. In the Wilderness

Introduction by Rolf D. Baldus
Preface by Perry Harvey
The why's and wherefore's of game preservation
Life of a game ranger
In the shadows of Sengwa
Some hunting experiences
Selous reserve and the Rufiji Valley
Mahenge and the Kilombero Valley
Flood time in the Ulanga Valley
In the Ruvuma Valley
About buffalo and a mixed bag of short stories
More experiences with other game
A short safari in Kilwa district along the coast
Songo - the crowing snake
Lindi Lions
Looking back

A Short History of Selous Game Reserve