Our neighbors in Africa

Our neighbors in Africa is a rare school book for North American children.
Caldwell, John C.; Caldwell, Elsie F.
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Book title: Our neighbors in Africa
Authors: John C. Caldwell; Elsie F. Caldwell
Publisher: John Day Company,
New York, USA 1961
Original hardcover, 17x22 cm, 48 pages, several b/w photos and illustrations


Fair, traces of usage on cover and back, inside clean.


This is a rare school book for North American children, explaining aspects of Africa to them. Please note the content of the teacher's page:

This Page Is for Your Teacher: The vocabulary used in this book has been carefully selected, using as far as possible only words appearing in Dolch's list of the 2,000 commonest words for spelling. The authors have tried to develop certain important concepts as simply as possible. It is difficult, for instance, to make understandable the meaning of colonies and colonialism. As we have learned from happenings in the Congo, the effort of Africans to become free and independent can affect the United States.


Our Neighbors in Africa
What Is It Like in Africa?
The Weather in Africa
The People of Africa
Houses in Africa
African Farmers
Food of an African Family
What Is a Witch Doctor?
How Africans Dress
The Big Cities of Africa
Going to School
Animals in Africa
The Story of Slavery
Some Countries in Africa
The Story of Dr. Livingstone
Albert Schweitzer
Troubles in Africa
Things to Remember about Africa
This Page Is for Your Teacher