Narro and his clan

Narro and his clan is a collection of authentic bushman fables collected in the 1940's of South West Africa.
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Book title: Narro and his clan
Author: Fritz Metzger
Publisher: John Meinert Ltd. & S.W.A. Scientific Society
Windhoek; South West Africa, 1950
Original cloth, original dust cover, 15 x 23 cm, 93 pages, several b/w photos


Good. The dustcover is torn in places, inside owner's name, a well known personality from South West Africa, is written, the cover and the interior is clean.


In the inhospitable East of South West Africa the Bushmen pursue their life of hunting and of harvesting the wild vegetation of the earth, as their ancestors had done for thousands of years. They are the remnants of a prehistoric race, which once upon a time inhabited the whole of Southern Africa. As a farmer living at the edge of the Kalahari the author has succeeded in getting some of these extremely shy people to work for him. By observing them at work and when hunting and by patiently questioning them about their life habits, tribal customs, beliefs, fables, etc. he has been able to get a deep insight into their life. These observations he has gathered together into the story Narro and his clan. It is the story of the life of the Kalahari Bushman, tossed between Plenty and Want, told in a language as simple and as colourful as that of the people.

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