Oshikwanyama (Oshiwambo): Common expressions and phrases

Introducing to common Oshiwambo expressions and phrases, this is a plain, yet very useful phrasebook to the dialect Oshikwanyama.
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Title: Oshiwambo (Oshikwanyama)
Subtitle: Common Expressions and Phrases
Author: Petrus Angula Mbenzi
Genre: Phrasebook
Publisher: Namtranslations Services CC
Resived edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2012
ISBN 9789994573691 / ISBN 978-99945-73-69-1
15 x 21 cm, 24 pages, some images


Welcome! You have made a right choice to learn the useful phrases and idioms in the Oshiwambo dialect Oshikwanyama. This Oshiwambo-English Phrases is a long overdue contribution as its usefulness to the wider community in Namibia and beyond speaks volume. It is a part of the project which spanned several years. Oshiwambo is a Bantu language spoken by about 680,000 people in Namibia and Angola. It consists of several dialects, Oshimbalantu, Oshindonga, Oshikwambi, Oshingandjera, Oshikolonkadhi, Oshikwaluudhi, Oshimbandja and Oshikwanyama, but you simply need to learn only one dialect in order to communicate effectively with any speaker of Oshiwambo. The differences between Oshiwambo dialects are minimal.

Oshikwanyama (Oshiwambo): Common Expressions and Phrases contains survival phrases that you need when chatting to Oshiwambo speakers. The phrases in this little guide are used in every day conversations, therefore, it is easy to memorize them as you will hear them quite often. Do not be shy to pronounce the phrases. You simply have to pronounce the words the way you see them on paper. Ovambos feel proud when you say one or two phrases in their language. The phrases are presented according to various themes such as greetings, introductions, love, birthday wishes, sympathy, condolences, telephone, best wishes, time, taxi, gas station, health care, responses to bad and good news, expressing goodwill, encouragement and reassurance, proverbs shopping and weather.

Although efforts have been made to provide equivalent phrases in English, there are Oshikwanyama phrases which are culture specific and have no equivalents in English. In such cases, explanations have been provided in English to demonstrate when and how such phrases may be used. The pocket guide is suitable for tourists, business people and families who intend touring Namibia. The words of respects as they appear on page 23 of the pocket guide are very important in Oshiwambo conversation. It is very important to always put them at the end or beginning of the phrase to show respect and admiration to the addressee.

Content: Oshikwanyama (Oshiwambo), Common Expressions and Phrases

Pronunciation Guide
Common Oshiwambo greetings
Common Oshiwambo introduce phrases
Best wish phrases
Common miscellaneous phrases
Common telephone conversation phrases
Condolences phrases
Love phrases
Birthday phrases
Sympathy phrases
Common proverbs
Expressing goodwill, encouragement and reassurance
Responses to good and bad news
Time phrases
Days of the week
Months of the year
Taxi phrases
Petrol station phrases
Health care phrases
Shopping phrases
Weather phrases
Useful words

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