Find 50 at the Seashore: Have fun exploring Southern Africa

Find 50 at the Seashore is a nice checklist for getting to know 50 seashore plants and animals of Southern African coasts.
Maré, Judy; Schaum, Jennifer; MacLarty, Sally
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Title: Find 50 at the Seashore
Subtitle: Have fun exploring Southern Africa
Illustrators: Judy Maré, Sally MacLarty, Jennifer Schaum
Publisher: Random House Struik (Struik Nature)
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781431702428 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0242-8
Softcover, fold-up booklet, 14 x 20 cm, 50 illustrations


Find 50 fascinating seashore plants and animals on your next trip to Southern African coasts! Loads of fun to be had and lots to learn as you discover, read about and tick off these curious creatures. This booklet introduces to these by short descriptions and features the African penguin, Paper nautilus, Common octopus, Southern right whale, Cape rock crab, Topshell, Maned blennie, Feather-duster worm, Cape fur seal, Spiny starfish, Chiton, Super klipfish, Cape urchin, Plough shell, Grey-headed gull, Dwarf cushion star, Sponge, Loggerhead turtle, Root-mouth jellyfish, Bluebottle, Common dolphin, Purple layer, Sea lettuce, Mermaid's purse, African black, oystercatcher, Beach hopper, Periwinkle, Sealouse, Slipper limpet, Sea bamboo, Natal rock oyster, Brown mussel, Abalone, Red-chested sea cucumber, Ghost crab, Pear limpet, Alikreukel, Barnacle, Red-bait, Red starfish, Hermit crab, Common feather-star, Sand shrimp, Cuttlefish bone, Anemone Brittlestar, Pansy shell, False limpet and Kelp gull.