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Mandi's Wheels

Mandi's Wheels

Children's story from Namibia: Mandi's toy-car is broken. Her brother helps her to build a wire-car of her own
Beake, Lesley

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Mandi's Wheels

Author: Lesley Beake
Editor: Build o Book Collective
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, 1992
Soft-cover, 15x15 cm, 21 pages, 10 bw-illustrations, 1 plan

Publisher's announcement:

The Build a Book Collective is dedicated to the development and promotion of Namibian children's stories. Mandi's toy-car is run over by a taxi. Her brother helps her to build a wire-car of her own. Construction pictures show how you can build your own wire car. The author Lesley Beake is an award-winning writer of children's stories. Joe Madisia is one of Namibia's leading artist and illustrators.

From the text:

Friday. It is a hot, hot day. Our teacher got cross and shouted at us in school. It is hot on the bus on the way home. "I'm tired," I say to Jack.

"See you later at football", Jack says. He waves as the bus drives away.

Oh no! Mandi is crying - again. First I'll take off my shoes. Then I'll find out what's wrong with Mandi. [...]